How to start

Register by clicking on the ‘Register’ icon to the right of the screen and completing the required fields.

Once completed an automatic email with an encrypted password will be sent to your nominated email address. Please note your username will be your email address and you will be prompted to change your password upon your first login.

‘Job Online’ is our proprietary Online Work Flow Management System developed to enable your practice to load, supervise, communicate on, control and track changes of all jobs in an efficient manner.

Once registered, it is a simple 4 step process to send work. To load a job, you only need a scanner and high speed internet access.

Step 1 – Log In

Click on the ‘Log In’ icon at the right side of the screen on the front page of the website. Please note your username is your email address and you will be prompted to change your password upon first login.

Step 2 – Establish Users

You will be an established user, but have the ability to establish staff or co-workers as ‘User AP’ with a more concise functionality to establish ‘Clients’ and ‘Load a Job’.

Step 3 – Establish ‘Clients’

To load a Job a user must establish the client in their Online database. The database will remember the client and enables easy roll over for the following year.

Step 4 – ‘Load a Job’

Select ‘Jobs’, nominate the ‘Client’ you wish to load from the drop down menu and upload the relevant files in the ‘Files’ tab. These typically include a scan of current year client source documents, an export of last years work papers and practice / client software files for updating. Finally, enter the fee you budget to charge your client in the ‘Acceptance’ tab and nominate the relevant users established on the portal to whom ongoing notification should be sent regarding this particular job.

Once completed an automatic email notifying the ‘Job’ is loaded and its unique Job number will be sent to your nominated work email address.

Using the Platform

At every point in which the status changes, an automatic email is sent to verify this change.

Status of Job: Uploaded

Once you enter details of a new job including source documents, a unique ‘Job Number’ will be assigned and you will be notified by email of the status of the job, including number and unique details previously entered.

Status of Job: Accepted

The files uploaded including source documents will be reviewed in accordance with the proposed fee. The status will change to ‘Accepted’ once we accept the proposed fee.

Status of Job: Work In Progress

We will process the work and ask relevant queries. Queries will be communicated within the ‘Query Management' tab of the job. The ‘Query’ tab operates like a tracked email system between Fiducian and you.

Status of Job: Complete

We will complete the job in accordance with the response to queries and upload the relevant file in the ‘Files’ tab within the job for your download. The status of the job will read ‘Complete’.

Status of Job: Under Review

You will download and review all relevant files which include draft financial statements, trial balance and relevant work papers. All processed work is of very high standardised quality.

Status of Job: Approved

Once you are satisfied that all aspects of the job have been completed to your liking, you can select the status as ‘Approved’. At this point the job will be ‘Closed’ and the final ‘Accounting Pack’ which includes the updated ‘Practice Ledger Software File’, ‘Book Keeping Software File’, Final Accounts, Trial Balance and supporting work papers with adjusting journals for your client will be available for download.

At this point you can prepare and lodge the Income Tax Return directly from the tax module in your practice software and submit the total output directly to your client.